Hi, I'm Brittany, the new editor for Better Marketing


I’m excited to introduce myself as the new editor-in-chief of Better Marketing. 

I’ve been working with Better Marketing since it launched—behind the scenes, on the quality side, running the copy editing team that’s behind each of the three Better publications. I’ve enjoyed reading your articles and watching this publication grow. 

A publication is more than a collection of articles—it’s a community and a space for people with shared passions to connect. I’m eager to continue to build our corner of the internet and to take Better Marketing to the next level as a publication. My goal is to strengthen our editorial mission and direction and to experiment with new ideas, while upholding a high standard of writing quality. To create a more inclusive community, and to seek out fresh and underrepresented voices in marketing. Together, we’ll play with new publishing formats, columns, and features. We’ll explore questions about what it means to be a marketer in 2020, and we’ll inspire, surprise, challenge, and educate our readers. 

A little about me: my background is a mix of editorial, design, tech, and social impact. Education and marketing are the threads that run through my career. I’ve worked at startups and at universities, at small nonprofits and at big-corporate places... I’ve even worked with some of you at other publications! And Richmond, VA is my home. 

I’ve got lots of ideas for the future of Better Marketing—but I’d love to hear yours. Please feel free to reach out to me directly to share your thoughts. I’m honored to serve as editor of Better Marketing, and I can’t wait to get started. 



Brittany Jezouit

Editor-in-chief, Better Marketing